World Ocean Day

The 8th of June is annual World Ocean Day.

It’s no secret that our team’s love for the ocean runs deep. From the artwork displayed in our office, to team beach clean-ups, pre-work swims and summer holidays spent on and in the ocean we all appreciate and love it in our own unique ways. We all feel that it’s important to protect the health and pristine beauty of our community beaches and oceans so we can continue to enjoy them for the years to come.

The purpose of World Ocean Day is to rally the world into action on issues that threaten the health of the oceans through partnerships with a diverse range of corporate and individual advocates across the globe.

This World Ocean Day members of our team will be attending an event to listen to expert panellists discuss the pressing challenges and recent good news stories relevant to WA. Panellists include spokespeople for WA Fisheries, the UWA Ocean Institute, the Kimberley Land Council, Protect Ningaloo and the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

For more information on the World Ocean Day initiative and to find events you can participate in please visit .