Exercise Right Week 2023 – The Right Advice

This week is Exercise Right Week 2023.

Exercise Right Week is an annual event organised by Exercise & Sports Science Australia. The theme of this years’ campaign is ‘The Right Advice’. The theme aims to call attention to the importance of getting exercise, health and sporting advice from qualified professionals on an individualised basis.

This is a theme that we as an office wholeheartedly support. With so much health and exercise information available online and on social media it’s very easy to find ourselves overloaded with content on the best exercise plans, the best diets and the best rehabilitation and treatment options for injuries.

Whilst online content can be a helpful tool to help get us on the right path to health, recovery or to give us background information on our medical conditions it is important to remember that information provided online by medical professionals is usually intended in a general context and is not tailored to any one individual’s case. As with everything online there are also pockets of misinformation available that may not direct us to the healthiest or safest ways to meet our health goals.

We recommend when considering a lifestyle change or dealing with a newly diagnosed illness or injury that patients consider booking face to face consultations with the relevant medical professionals, be it Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Dieticians, Sports Physicians or Surgeons.

As part their campaign The ESSA is releasing information each day this week relating to different demographics and exercise goals including people with chronic conditions, sportspeople, women’s health and older Australians.

For this information and more on Exercise Right Week please visit the following website: https://exerciseright.com.au/the-right-exercise-advice .