World Sleep Day 2023

Friday the 17th of March 2023 is World Sleep Day.

On World Sleep Day Members of World Sleep Society, sleep experts and community health advocates in over 70 countries run initiatives and events to promote sleep health and raise awareness of the importance of sleep in our day to day lives.

The theme for this years World Sleep Day is Sleep is Essential for Health. Good quality sleep is essential to facilitate the body’s physical recovery and repair, support brain development, cardiac function, metabolism and learning ability and to maintain our memory and mood.

Studies have shown that when recovering from an injury or surgery good quality sleep can improve post-injury and postoperative outcomes.

Attention to sleep hygiene and prioritising good quality sleep prior to surgery may help to minimise disruption to sleep cycles postoperatively and give you the tools to manage any postoperative sleep disturbance you experience.

If you are someone who regularly struggles with your sleep the team at POD (Place of Dreams) Murdoch, located next to our office in the St John of God Murdoch Medical Clinic may be able to help you get your sleep on track. More information about POD and the services they provide are available at .

To find out more about World Sleep Day you can visit the World Sleep Day website at .