Beach Clean Up with Conservation Volunteers Australia

On Saturday the 18th of February our team volunteered for a clean up at Leighton Beach as part of the #SeaToSource Campaign run by Conservation Volunteers Australia.

The goal of the #SeaToSource Campaign is to stop litter at the source, before it can reach the ocean. It focuses on 8 waterways around Australia that flow into the Great Southern Reef system, a series of connected reefs that extend around Australia’s coastline, from Moreton Bay in Queensland to Kalbarri in Western Australia.

Our team had a great morning enjoying the sunshine. The goal for the day was to collect 15 kilos of rubbish and we were pleased to do our small part to contribute to this and help a cause we care deeply about.

You can find more information about Conservation Volunteers Australia, the #SeaToSource Campaign and the great work they do here .